Mechanic Fixing a Truck for Fleets being managed by an auto shop in paradise, pa

top-notch fleet repair and maintenance in paradise, pa

Fleets come in all shapes and sizes. The professionals at Car Clinic can service most fleet vehicles regardless of the make or size of your fleet. The key to keeping your fleet and business on the road is to do annual inspections, maintenance, and tune-ups.

The crew at Car Clinic prioritizes getting any of your fleet vehicles back on the road as soon as possible if one of them breaks down. We give precise time estimates so you may determine in advance if you need to make fleet-related arrangements. Additionally, we can monitor your vehicles’ maintenance through our fleet account program to avoid any major repairs.

Visit us at 900 A Strasburg Rd., Paradise, PA 17562 or call us at  (717) 442-9434 to schedule an appointment. 

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