Transmission Service

Mechanic Fixed Transmission during a transmission service in an auto repair shop in paradise, PA

effective and reliable transmission service in paradise, pa

We will install a safe and efficient cleaner to suspend toxic varnish and sludge from the transmission valve body, torque converter, and lines and install new high-tech fluid with conditioners using the most recent in cutting-edge technology.

You should routinely have your transmission serviced, just like your engine. When Car Clinic services your transmission, we plug into the cooling system for the transmission and flush the torque converter, trans valve body, and cooling system. We then swap out the old transmission fluid with fresh, premium synthetic fluid.

The knowledgeable staff

at Car Clinic effectively provides your car’s gearbox fresh life by swapping out the old transmission fluid. The fresh fluid improves the holding power of your clutch. This lessens heat production and slip. Additionally, flushing the old fluid removes tiny pieces of metal shavings and clutch material that can harm your transmission by obstructing passages and getting wedged between moving parts. Eliminating the old fluid helps the transmission operate more smoothly.

The transmission’s internal lubrication is improved by replacing old fluid with new, which improves the friction components’ holding power. Less heat is produced as a result of improved lubrication. Your transmission will operate better and last longer if friction and heat are reduced. You can avoid the cost and inconvenience of a costly transmission repair or replacement with a quick service.
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